Sunday, May 23, 2010

end of another semester

Well, fifteen weeks have come and gone, and after this semester, I am left as the best artist I've ever been, and I keep getting better. I am far more passionate about the work I am going to be doing for a living now, and I really can't wait to keep going with what I love. So, here are three pieces that kind of summarize what I've learned. Enjoy! (I apologize for the quality of the image on the last photo--I'm lazy and haven't taken a good one, yet, so the values really aren't so harsh and blown out)


KI-KE said...

THat blue Sarah Jane! Really good painting though. LOVE IT! Girl you better stay in touch. I will call you when we go do some outside drawing and painting. Which will be alot.

Sarahjane said...

IT'S SO BLUEEEEEE hahaha! I'm glad you like it so much! (:

And you had better, or I will be highly upset with you. :P

Ricky Cometa said...

that first drawing is sweeeeet, and the composition is awesome on that painting!