Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, Thanksgiving break has been a lot of fun, here in Lancaster/Palmdale with one of my best friends, Jenni. It's been nice seeing the town right smack in the middle of the desert about an hour outside of Los Angeles, I finally have a setting for all the stories she tells me, as well as faces for the names of her friends. It's dry, here. Really dry. Sagebrush and joshua trees everywhere....covered up by development and suburbia--as if it's a disguise. It's a little strange to see an empty lot of beautiful to a shopping mall where oaks line the road.

Thanksgiving itself was decent...ate delicious food at Jenni's aunt's was nice being with a family. I got into a political "discussion" with her grandma's husband and his brother--luckily I could hold my own and explain why I am liberal, being hounded from three sides about my ideology in politics. Aside from that, it was great.

We went to Disneyland, which was the highlight of the included Jenni, myself, Deirdra, Lauren, and another Sarah, and it was incredibly fun. SO many ugly and fantastic pictures...we went on Space Mountain four times.

Back to home in San Francisco in the morning...I have class at 3:30. Luckily, it's a field trip to MOMA. My skin is dried out....and I'm getting sick. Time to have some humidity.

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Natalie Bernhisel-Robinson said...

Ha! Funny space mountain pic! Can't wait to see you soon.