Sunday, November 22, 2009

happy november!

Oh goodness...November already? I'm a little freaked out about how fast this year and semester has gone.

I've been super busy with school...and now I have a job! I am a ~*~*seasonal associate*~*~ at Williams-Sonoma's flagship store in Union Square. I'm not going to be working much, but hey, it's something. I don't know if I'll get to stay on for the rest of the year, but here's to hoping.

School-wise, basically I have been drawing lots of naked men and ladies, and only barely a little bit of my own illustrations. But here is something to whet your appetite (beware of nerdiness, I'm making it into a profession, folks, so it's here to stay):

Also, remember to check out Nekked Bear Army for more art updates. Also, the first image is the rough draft painting of my full mandala I have to paint for color and design.

As for Thanksgiving plans, I'm sadly not going back to the 'Tah. Instead, I'll be going down to southern California to visit my roommate's hometown and family. I can't wait! I miss my family a bit though, so I am a little sad I am spending my third Thanksgiving away from home. It's alright though...I get to see them all in less than a month!

Some other fun things I've been up to the last few

  • Lord of the Rings marathon with Jenni, Andrea, Rich, and Terrance (extended versions, of course)
  • Went to my first concert by myself (Ben Gibbard!) and went to one of my other favorite bands with Jenni, Rich, and Andrea (Pinback)
  • Helping friends with various projects
  • Cooking and cleaning like it's nobody's business (Made my mom's famous enchiladas for Jenni...she wants me to make them again as soon as possible)
  • Enjoying when our friends Kyle and Fran have been staying with us
  • Watching oodles of TV and movies on Netflix
  • Attempting not to strangle my cat
  • Yesterday took Jenni to the California Academy of Sciences for the first time, then discovered a delicious Cajun restaurant on Haight

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