Thursday, October 1, 2009


I miss my family today. I found myself looking at pictures and I made myself all homesick for everyone, especially my little nephews. I am loving San Francisco and am so happy being here with Jenni and the apartment and the kitten and my friends, but I can't help but be sad that my two youngest nephews are not going to know who I am, not really, for a long time.

I just need to get out, today. I've been cooped up in my tiny place for the last four days with homework and class...I might go to MOMA and Yerba Buena or Grace Cathedral and just sit for a while, maybe draw. I'm about to head out the door to go to Cup-A-Joe with Jenni. I'm going to read for a bit--I started All The Pretty Horses the other day. I love it.

Last weekend I went up to Crissy Field at sunset with Jenni, Anna, Hank, and Mike. Anna left to go back to Germany...I was sad to see her go. I have a friend to visit when I go to Germany, though! I also have a new friend in London, too--I met a random guy on couchsurfing and hung out with him for a day a few weeks ago when he was visiting San Francisco. I think I might go to Europe within the next few years--when I get a job here that is what I am saving up for.

Koji, the kitten, is absolutely annoying. But then he stares at you with those bright blue eyes and you just kind of melt. He loves scratching and biting EVERYTHING. And he's so little he still hasn't quite caught onto the idea of bathing himself fully, yet--so he quite frequently smells like ass. He loves sleeping in my hair. It's great when I am immersed in my homework and all of a sudden I have a kitten purring loudly in my ear.

This month is going to be crazy--it's the only weekend I am really spending here at home. Next week I am driving down to L.A. with my friend John for a Travis concert. The week after that I am going down to L.A. again (via amtrak) to meet up with Mary, drive to Las Vegas, and go to the University of Utah/Las Vegas football game, and then back again. That same week, my parents are visiting. The week after that I believe, is midterm. I think Cellie might be coming up and visiting at the end of the month sometime, too. It'll be a fun month....but crazy. Here's to October.

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Natalie Bernhisel-Robinson said...

We miss you too Sarah! Do not fret, Felix KNOWS you. When he sees you over Xmas break he will remember you. Sounds like a FUN October. XO