Thursday, September 24, 2009


So, we weren't planning on it so immediately, but Jenni and I have procured a little black kitten in our tiny little apartment in San Francisco. His name is Koji, and he's a little fluffy vortex of energy. I can't go anywhere without him following me around--and he loves climbing about in my hair. He just meows pathetically until I pick him up, and then he b-lines it up there and snuggles in.

We took him to his first vet visit today (poor little thing) to get him de-flea'd and -wormed. He's still too little to get his vaccines, but we've made another appointment in a few weeks to get those done.

What it boils down to: we have a cat.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Haha, I need to remember I have another blog. I suck at updating this.

But here is some art from spring semester from my figure drawing class.

And here's some art that I've just done randomly.

and that's it art-wise. I have some things in my sketchbook which have not been scanned yet, so I'll do that soon.

But I'm back in San Francisco! I'm all moved into my apartment with Jenni, and with some hardships (fixed by my roommate Jenni's wonderful father), we have a bunkbed from Ikea stuck together and I am completely in love with the place. We have bay windows facing the street and a fire escape, hardwood floors, a decent sized kitchen, and a claw-foot tub. Despite the fact it's a tiny studio, it's adorable and I call it home. I have posters hung up from Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie concerts, pop art of Bob Ross, a signed Hellboy print by Mike Mignola, and a picture of an old couple taking pictures in the bathroom taken by our friend Marta, and various other things which make it feel like we actually live here. Just a few things are keeping it from being perfect (we need some shelves in the kitchen, for one) but it's a happy little place. We have a futon which we plan to have countless visitors stay on. If you're interested--let me know.

Class doesn't start for me until the Tuesday after Labor Day. So I have a while just to hang out and enjoy myself. Jenni's friend from Germany, Anna, is staying with us for a little while. I've seen all of my best friends from last year (aside from the ones who have left school) and have already made a few new ones. I can't wait for classes. I still need to pick up some supplies--maybe that will be my project for the day.

After weeks and days of preparation, I'm finally back here in San Francisco. My parents and my sister Natalie (hauling Felix across the states with her-poor little kid) drove all the way to drop me off and help me move in. Natalie used her supreme organizational skills and helped us get squared away in the kitchen--I am so grateful for her. She took me "shopping" earlier in the week, to teach me how to grocery shop and get the best food for the best prices. I learned a lot, and it came in handy when we drove in Carina's car to the Safeway in the Castro. Also for my birthday, she gave me a little recipe box with a few of her favorite recipes, and enough cards to write some more of my own.

I miss my friends in Salt Lake, but it's the time of year where we all go on our own paths back to school: myself to San Francisco, Anna to Oregon, Peter to Chicago, Kevin to Seattle, Mary to L.A., Elliot to Logan, Jordan to Boston, Tucker to Colorado, and everyone else to their respective places during the school year.

At any rate, I'm back.