Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I love how nice the weather is, now! It's been a really good month, here.

I got a visit from my sister Heather and her family, and that was so much fun. My nephews are adorable. It's also nice being with people in the city who KNOW the city, since they lived here in San Francisco for three years themselves when Jared was going to dental school. When my parents come to visit, it's a little scary since they don't know the streets too well. I got to do some of the things I don't get to, normally, like enjoy delicious Mitchell's Ice Cream (I went with the Mexican chocolate flavor this time), go to the zoo, Crissy Field (and the Warming Hut), Nick's Crispy Tacos, and viewing the lovely herd of bison in Golden Gate Park.

As well, I took a trip to Ocean Beach a few weeks ago when the weather was around 90 degrees with two of my friends, Maura and Marta, and it was amazing. For those of you who have ever visited Ocean Beach, you would know that normally it's a horrible beach with flies everywhere, biting wind, and balls-cold ocean. Not that day! I felt like I was in Hawaii the weather was so perfect, except for the 50 degree water--that didn't change. The only bad thing, which wasn't even that bad, were the countless ladybugs that were harassing us. At one point I had about six in my hair, which we got a picture of. I sadly had to leave early since I had a meeting with my counselor in order to choose my new classes for fall semester, so I had a horribly sticky bus ride back to Market Street where I had to listen to a ragged old woman go on and on about her cat who had just passed away to another poor soul behind me ("and wouldn't you know it, we heard Jingle-Bells play twice from inside her carrier, when normally it would only play once! We knew he was saying goodbye").

Classes are going super well, I'm a bit stressed because of finals, but I can handle it. The only class I'm REALLY worried about is my computer animation course, since computer animation is slightly tedious, especially when you are only just learning how to use Maya. It's not so much the animation which has me worried--it's the rendering, which takes hours to complete. Hopefully I can get it all done by next Tuesday.

Recently, my friend Marta took some pictures of me for her makeup class (she's a photo major) so I thought I would share a little bit of my 80's glam.