Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, Thanksgiving break has been a lot of fun, here in Lancaster/Palmdale with one of my best friends, Jenni. It's been nice seeing the town right smack in the middle of the desert about an hour outside of Los Angeles, I finally have a setting for all the stories she tells me, as well as faces for the names of her friends. It's dry, here. Really dry. Sagebrush and joshua trees everywhere....covered up by development and suburbia--as if it's a disguise. It's a little strange to see an empty lot of beautiful to a shopping mall where oaks line the road.

Thanksgiving itself was decent...ate delicious food at Jenni's aunt's was nice being with a family. I got into a political "discussion" with her grandma's husband and his brother--luckily I could hold my own and explain why I am liberal, being hounded from three sides about my ideology in politics. Aside from that, it was great.

We went to Disneyland, which was the highlight of the included Jenni, myself, Deirdra, Lauren, and another Sarah, and it was incredibly fun. SO many ugly and fantastic pictures...we went on Space Mountain four times.

Back to home in San Francisco in the morning...I have class at 3:30. Luckily, it's a field trip to MOMA. My skin is dried out....and I'm getting sick. Time to have some humidity.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

happy november!

Oh goodness...November already? I'm a little freaked out about how fast this year and semester has gone.

I've been super busy with school...and now I have a job! I am a ~*~*seasonal associate*~*~ at Williams-Sonoma's flagship store in Union Square. I'm not going to be working much, but hey, it's something. I don't know if I'll get to stay on for the rest of the year, but here's to hoping.

School-wise, basically I have been drawing lots of naked men and ladies, and only barely a little bit of my own illustrations. But here is something to whet your appetite (beware of nerdiness, I'm making it into a profession, folks, so it's here to stay):

Also, remember to check out Nekked Bear Army for more art updates. Also, the first image is the rough draft painting of my full mandala I have to paint for color and design.

As for Thanksgiving plans, I'm sadly not going back to the 'Tah. Instead, I'll be going down to southern California to visit my roommate's hometown and family. I can't wait! I miss my family a bit though, so I am a little sad I am spending my third Thanksgiving away from home. It's alright though...I get to see them all in less than a month!

Some other fun things I've been up to the last few

  • Lord of the Rings marathon with Jenni, Andrea, Rich, and Terrance (extended versions, of course)
  • Went to my first concert by myself (Ben Gibbard!) and went to one of my other favorite bands with Jenni, Rich, and Andrea (Pinback)
  • Helping friends with various projects
  • Cooking and cleaning like it's nobody's business (Made my mom's famous enchiladas for Jenni...she wants me to make them again as soon as possible)
  • Enjoying when our friends Kyle and Fran have been staying with us
  • Watching oodles of TV and movies on Netflix
  • Attempting not to strangle my cat
  • Yesterday took Jenni to the California Academy of Sciences for the first time, then discovered a delicious Cajun restaurant on Haight

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ohoo, nevermind. Guess I am not taking the sketch bus down to L.A.

Plans got cancelled, so now I get to spend the weekend in the bay. A lot less stressful. I might be meeting my parents over in Oakland to go to Carmel-by-the-Sea with them to visit Mike and Tracy...hopefully that will work out!

Well, I'm off to Nick's Crispy Tacos with my friend Henry James.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hahaha, I just made my reservation for a bus ride to LA this Friday on a Vietnamese bus line. Check out how legitimate this site is. Xe Do Hoang Transportation

Don't worry, my good friend Andrea recommended it to me, and it will certainly be an adventure.

I'm going down there this weekend to meet my friends Mary and Cellie, and road trip over to Las Vegas. Once there, we're going to the University of Utah and Las Vegas football game! I can't wait. Then sunday I'll be back in San Francisco. I'm going to never want to go to LA ever again after this. I already spent last weekend there with my friend John for a concert, which was fun...but LA is so gross.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I miss my family today. I found myself looking at pictures and I made myself all homesick for everyone, especially my little nephews. I am loving San Francisco and am so happy being here with Jenni and the apartment and the kitten and my friends, but I can't help but be sad that my two youngest nephews are not going to know who I am, not really, for a long time.

I just need to get out, today. I've been cooped up in my tiny place for the last four days with homework and class...I might go to MOMA and Yerba Buena or Grace Cathedral and just sit for a while, maybe draw. I'm about to head out the door to go to Cup-A-Joe with Jenni. I'm going to read for a bit--I started All The Pretty Horses the other day. I love it.

Last weekend I went up to Crissy Field at sunset with Jenni, Anna, Hank, and Mike. Anna left to go back to Germany...I was sad to see her go. I have a friend to visit when I go to Germany, though! I also have a new friend in London, too--I met a random guy on couchsurfing and hung out with him for a day a few weeks ago when he was visiting San Francisco. I think I might go to Europe within the next few years--when I get a job here that is what I am saving up for.

Koji, the kitten, is absolutely annoying. But then he stares at you with those bright blue eyes and you just kind of melt. He loves scratching and biting EVERYTHING. And he's so little he still hasn't quite caught onto the idea of bathing himself fully, yet--so he quite frequently smells like ass. He loves sleeping in my hair. It's great when I am immersed in my homework and all of a sudden I have a kitten purring loudly in my ear.

This month is going to be crazy--it's the only weekend I am really spending here at home. Next week I am driving down to L.A. with my friend John for a Travis concert. The week after that I am going down to L.A. again (via amtrak) to meet up with Mary, drive to Las Vegas, and go to the University of Utah/Las Vegas football game, and then back again. That same week, my parents are visiting. The week after that I believe, is midterm. I think Cellie might be coming up and visiting at the end of the month sometime, too. It'll be a fun month....but crazy. Here's to October.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So, we weren't planning on it so immediately, but Jenni and I have procured a little black kitten in our tiny little apartment in San Francisco. His name is Koji, and he's a little fluffy vortex of energy. I can't go anywhere without him following me around--and he loves climbing about in my hair. He just meows pathetically until I pick him up, and then he b-lines it up there and snuggles in.

We took him to his first vet visit today (poor little thing) to get him de-flea'd and -wormed. He's still too little to get his vaccines, but we've made another appointment in a few weeks to get those done.

What it boils down to: we have a cat.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Haha, I need to remember I have another blog. I suck at updating this.

But here is some art from spring semester from my figure drawing class.

And here's some art that I've just done randomly.

and that's it art-wise. I have some things in my sketchbook which have not been scanned yet, so I'll do that soon.

But I'm back in San Francisco! I'm all moved into my apartment with Jenni, and with some hardships (fixed by my roommate Jenni's wonderful father), we have a bunkbed from Ikea stuck together and I am completely in love with the place. We have bay windows facing the street and a fire escape, hardwood floors, a decent sized kitchen, and a claw-foot tub. Despite the fact it's a tiny studio, it's adorable and I call it home. I have posters hung up from Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie concerts, pop art of Bob Ross, a signed Hellboy print by Mike Mignola, and a picture of an old couple taking pictures in the bathroom taken by our friend Marta, and various other things which make it feel like we actually live here. Just a few things are keeping it from being perfect (we need some shelves in the kitchen, for one) but it's a happy little place. We have a futon which we plan to have countless visitors stay on. If you're interested--let me know.

Class doesn't start for me until the Tuesday after Labor Day. So I have a while just to hang out and enjoy myself. Jenni's friend from Germany, Anna, is staying with us for a little while. I've seen all of my best friends from last year (aside from the ones who have left school) and have already made a few new ones. I can't wait for classes. I still need to pick up some supplies--maybe that will be my project for the day.

After weeks and days of preparation, I'm finally back here in San Francisco. My parents and my sister Natalie (hauling Felix across the states with her-poor little kid) drove all the way to drop me off and help me move in. Natalie used her supreme organizational skills and helped us get squared away in the kitchen--I am so grateful for her. She took me "shopping" earlier in the week, to teach me how to grocery shop and get the best food for the best prices. I learned a lot, and it came in handy when we drove in Carina's car to the Safeway in the Castro. Also for my birthday, she gave me a little recipe box with a few of her favorite recipes, and enough cards to write some more of my own.

I miss my friends in Salt Lake, but it's the time of year where we all go on our own paths back to school: myself to San Francisco, Anna to Oregon, Peter to Chicago, Kevin to Seattle, Mary to L.A., Elliot to Logan, Jordan to Boston, Tucker to Colorado, and everyone else to their respective places during the school year.

At any rate, I'm back.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I pretty much fail at updating here. My baddddd. I've been pretty busy. I am now home from San Francisco and am back in the great state of Utah. I miss all of my fourth floor homies at the Commodore, especially Jenni and Marta, but I definitely have love leftover for everyone else. The semester ended swimmingly: I received three A's and a B+. Needless to say, I am really proud of myself.

After returning home, I was quickly sent to work at Liberty Park (like I have been since I was around family doesn't believe in child labor laws), and took a short vacation up to Bear Lake for Memorial Day with the Bernhisel's. It rained most of the time, but that didn't stop us from playing barefoot soccer in the sand and having an excellent beach bonfire.

I figure I should post some of my art from this last semester--here is my final from my computer animation production class.

I had a strict 1:00 time limit, so sadly I wasn't able to elaborate on the story. But heyyy, it got me an A in the class. Natalie had me put this up so she could brag about me. I guess that's cool.

Here are some of my pieces from my perspective class.

And now for a random speedpaint of my friend Marta.

All of this was just put up on a new art blog my friend Alex Tingey put together with a few other friends. If you are interested, check out Nekked Bear Army. It's pretty neat. There's even a picture of me wearing chaps. Aw yeah.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I love how nice the weather is, now! It's been a really good month, here.

I got a visit from my sister Heather and her family, and that was so much fun. My nephews are adorable. It's also nice being with people in the city who KNOW the city, since they lived here in San Francisco for three years themselves when Jared was going to dental school. When my parents come to visit, it's a little scary since they don't know the streets too well. I got to do some of the things I don't get to, normally, like enjoy delicious Mitchell's Ice Cream (I went with the Mexican chocolate flavor this time), go to the zoo, Crissy Field (and the Warming Hut), Nick's Crispy Tacos, and viewing the lovely herd of bison in Golden Gate Park.

As well, I took a trip to Ocean Beach a few weeks ago when the weather was around 90 degrees with two of my friends, Maura and Marta, and it was amazing. For those of you who have ever visited Ocean Beach, you would know that normally it's a horrible beach with flies everywhere, biting wind, and balls-cold ocean. Not that day! I felt like I was in Hawaii the weather was so perfect, except for the 50 degree water--that didn't change. The only bad thing, which wasn't even that bad, were the countless ladybugs that were harassing us. At one point I had about six in my hair, which we got a picture of. I sadly had to leave early since I had a meeting with my counselor in order to choose my new classes for fall semester, so I had a horribly sticky bus ride back to Market Street where I had to listen to a ragged old woman go on and on about her cat who had just passed away to another poor soul behind me ("and wouldn't you know it, we heard Jingle-Bells play twice from inside her carrier, when normally it would only play once! We knew he was saying goodbye").

Classes are going super well, I'm a bit stressed because of finals, but I can handle it. The only class I'm REALLY worried about is my computer animation course, since computer animation is slightly tedious, especially when you are only just learning how to use Maya. It's not so much the animation which has me worried--it's the rendering, which takes hours to complete. Hopefully I can get it all done by next Tuesday.

Recently, my friend Marta took some pictures of me for her makeup class (she's a photo major) so I thought I would share a little bit of my 80's glam.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hah, I guess it's time for an update. I've kind of been sucking at doing that.

Since my last update, I've had my midterms and spring break, where I returned home to Salt Lake for about 10 days. It was really fun getting to see everyone again, as well as traveling various places. I worked at Liberty Park Grill as a server for breakfast on the two weekends I was there, so it was nice to put a little money in my pocket--since I suck and don't have a job here.

I hung out with most of my best friends at least once, since it turned out that my break overlapped with the break the week before and part of the week after. So I got to see my friend Lindsay who is currently attending Boston University, as well as Kevin who is going to Seattle University, and Peter who goes to Chicago University. I traveled up to Utah State with Tucker to go visit our best friend Elliot for about 24 hours, as well as getting to see a few high school friends who attend up there. I hadn't been up to Logan in years, and the mountains were disgustingly beautiful, since at the time most of the snow had melted in Salt Lake. I came when the weather was wonderful--it snowed the day I left for San Francisco again.

The day after I returned home, I headed down to St. George for 24 hours, driving down on Thursday afternoon and coming home Friday night. It was tiring, but hey, I got a massage out of it and the chance to go on a really neat hike where my horribly old shoes had me slipping everywhere on slickrock. Pretty much thought I was going to die. I didn't, turns out.

After returning back to San Francisco, I got to have Anna, my best friend, come stay with me for the remainder of her spring break before she had to go back up to the University of Oregon. It was so much fun hanging out with her here. I was super sad to see her go. THOUGH since she was sleeping with me in my itty bitty twin sized bed, it was nice to have my own bed after. OTHERWISE she should have stayed here foreverrrr.

School-wise, everything here has been amazing. I'm improving rapidly in my classes, especially now that I have the motivation from the knowledge that I am coming back here next semester. I've figured out exactly what major I want to be (currently I've been in Character Animation, it's the default animation major, but that's not exactly what I am interested in), and that's visual development, which means I'll still be animating, but it will be concept art and animation combined, since my love for both is equal. So I'm really excited for the coming years. I can tell how much I am improving week to week, and you can visibly see it, as well. Midterms went well, and after some constructive criticism from my figure drawing professor Henry Yan, I've been able to pick up my skill level. Let's hope that keeps happening.

And...that's about it. I only have a month and a half left of my freshman year of college. whatttt.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

school update

Well, this semester here at AAU is going just swimmingly.

It's a great feeling knowing you are getting better at art each and every day--I guess that comes with seeing more ass than a toilet seat for one of my classes, being constantly covered in charcoal (apparently I was rocking a Hitler-stache for a few minutes in the middle of figure drawing last Wednesday), having carpal tunnal from repeated clicks and key-strokes while using Maya in computer animation production, as well as from being sick of drawing countless lines to countless vanishing points in perspective. And Art History is history. Nothing too exciting going on, there.

I'm loving it, though--every moment of being here. Well, one moment I did not appreciate was my leg being grabbed at by a creepy homeless man on the street who was hiding behind a bus stop last week while walking home from dinner with a few friends--that was terrifying. But besides those few isolated incidences, this semester has been incredible.

I'm missing Utah again, though. Currently I've been in Palo Alto for the weekend staying at my friend Carina's house. We took a short day trip to Santa Cruz to drop Jenni off at UCSanta Cruz where her best friend attends, and while driving through those itty-bitty mountains I couldn't help but think that parts of it looked like a few of the canyons back in Salt Lake...though perhaps on a smaller scale. It's probably a good thing I'm coming home for spring break.

It's been pouring rain here for the last few weeks every couple of days. I have to walk to most of my classes this semester (it's a nice change--the school shuttles are over crowded and always running late), which means I have to walk in the rain carrying large drawing pads, or a heavy textbook, computer, and notebook. It's slightly inconvenient. Especially when it's paired with wind and umbrellas do absolutely nothing. Jenni and I took a trip up to fisherman's wharf since we were craving In-N-Out--we were soaked in a few minutes. Thank goodness for my green raincoat I bought last semester, and an umbrella that I had brought since Jenni forgot hers. My cousin Matthew came to San Francisco on a business trip this last week and he told me I was a wimp for complaining about the rain--then again, he lives in Seattle, so I suppose it can't really compare.

Speaking of Matt, he took me to dinner and treated me to the nicest meal that I've had so far in San Francisco. I promised I would display that fact for him for my family to hear about, so there you are. It was really fun seeing him and spending time with him, since the only time he is ever around in Utah is for family functions. Also a note to everyone else: if you are planning on visiting me at all, do it soon! I leave AAU May 14th, and I'm not going back next semester, so get on it.

I'm excited for a few things right now in the next month:
Finally going to see Coraline...whenever that will be.
Watchmen movie. You have no idea. It's one of my favorite books/graphic novels and it's looking like it'll be a great film. I've been excited about it since I've even known what Watchmen was. You can bet I will be at the midnight showing for this one.
Going home to Salt Lake for Spring Break.

Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday to my nephew Felix who turned 1 at the beginning of February.

and another OH!:
I got a twitter account, if any of you have one:

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna!

Today is my best friend Anna's 19th birthday! Currently we have been best friends since 7th grade when we met a fateful day in Ms. Savageau's shop class our first period. Since then we have proceeded to fill the other with a whole lot of stupid, and I am glad for it. I seriously would be lost without her if she wasn't always right there in my life. Even though we have gone our separate ways for college (she is currently attending the University of Oregon) we still make sure we stay as close as ever with countless text messages, Facebook, and Skype calls.

I miss her so much, I can't even come close to describing how much I do. For so long she has been such a constant in my life and she really has changed my life in inumerable ways. I am so grateful that I have her as a friend--to laugh about nothing, play "your team" with, call sickening pet names, share inside jokes, and be all around two of the most obnoxious people you will ever meet. We always joke how much easier our lives would be if we were lesbians as we are quite possibly soul mates--but alas, that is not so. And since our lives aren't that much easier, we are always there to help the other out in our times of need. I can't think of a time since knowing her where she hasn't been there to be my support.

I am forever grateful for her, and I love her so much--my little schmoopsie!

I also made her this wonderful piece of photoshop art--do you think she'll like it?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So, here I am in my dorm room, just hanging out not doing much--considering going out and hunting for some food. Currently I am on my friend/roommate Jenni's computer...since the wireless internet here hates me for whatever reason. But I figured that my many fans could use an update as to what is going on with my life.

This last month in Utah I've been lucky enough to not have ANY responsibilities, and it had been great. Towards the end of it, though I got a bit stir crazy and wanted to go out and actually do things, like anxiously awaiting my new classes, wanting to travel, and get a job. I hate not having a job--it's really obnoxious. Once I get all my classes and everything in order, I'll be on the hunt for a job on weekends.

While the majority of my friends in Utah had to leave all over the country for school early in the month, I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends who were still in Utah. It was a lot of fun getting back in touch with some old friends, reminding myself every day why Mary is one of my best friends (can you say random trip up to Park City just to get out of the inversion--and grab some coffee? She's awesome), late night trips to Coffee Break or Greenhouse Effect with Aleks just to hang out with friends for hours and play cards or do crosswords, watching hours upon hours of Planet Earth, sleepovers with Rachel and Lindsay, a trip to Ikea with Natalie and Matt, watching my nephews play Rockband, and so many other things. I'm quite certain to say that this last winter break was one of the most fun memories I now have.

But yes, I finally have a roommate! Jenni was one of my closest friends from last semester, and since her roommate and our friend Claire left, she was left without a roommate, and since I didn't have one, either, we decided to move in together. We shall never sleep, due to the fact we both like to laugh at nothing, sing badly, make grotesque faces, watch movies, and play video games (aided by Jenni's brand new XBOX360 and Wii) at all hours of the day, as well as both having horrible sleeping habits. We are pretty much perfect for one another.

My classes start on Tuesday, and I cannot wait! I have a great schedule:
No classes Mondays or Fridays
Tuesday: 8:30-11:20am : Art History through the 15th Century
12:00-2:50pm : Computer Animation Production
Wednesday: 8:30-1:30pm : Figure Drawing
Thursday: 12:00-5:00pm : Perspective for Animation

This semester, my last at AAU for now will be a blast, I really can't wait to make the most of it. Sadly I'll be returning to Utah possibly permanently--I'll be getting my general education requirements done at the University of Utah, then transferring eventually to BYU in order to finish up my animation major. San Francisco and Provo are a little different--but I'll make it work.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Being home has been amazing. I love Utah so much, and I didn't realize how much I had been missing it until I flew in and I saw the snow-covered mountains and just had this HUGE GRIN on my face. It's been amazing to hang out with all of my friends who also have left Utah in search of their education, as well as some old friends I hadn't seen in years.

Also I love being home with all my family--I love hanging out with my sisters and their husbands and my cute nephews. Carter and Felix have both gotten MASSIVE over the last four months, and it's so fun to play with them.

My friend Cellie stayed with me this last week--she moved with her family to Hollywood this spring and came back for a visit for New Year's. It was a lot of fun--only I'm pretty sure she got really sick of me, I can be pretty obnoxious when you have to deal with me for a week straight.

I'm in Utah until the 24th of this month, and then I'm back off to San Francisco. I'm really looking forward to the new semester and my new classes, but at the same time I'm going to be really sad to leave again. I am looking forward to living with my friend Jenni--we will never sleep. If you know me at all, you know my stupid sense of humor--and it's one that Jenni shares with me.

Well, I don't have much else to say, but here are some pictures of my art, as well as some fun times while being here in Salt Lake.

This was my final for my Analysis of Form class. Oh Clark Gable.

Hanging out at Tucker's house with Anna, Katherine, Julie, Elliot, and Tucker, and Lara.
Drive back from picking up Cellie from the airport.
Me and Anna on New Year's Eve!
Me and Lara on New Year's Eve
My three favorite girls everrrr. I look a little odd in this one.
Me and Harrison with our annual ugly picture!