Thursday, December 4, 2008

new art and pictures

Hey everyone! I figure it's time for a real update again.

Ahhhhhh! Finals are coming up, and I'm stressing out that I'm not going to do well and all that jazz. I'm sure all will be well, though. I can do this! I just need to be really committed the next couple of weeks.

I come home on the I'm really looking forward to that. I miss everyone at home, my friends, my family, my pets, my bed, my house, a KITCHEN, and the joy of blowing my nose and not having it be black/gray with pollution and smoke.

Thanksgiving was great, I spent it at my friend Carina's house (the girl in the picture on the left) in Palo Alto. We had some adventures in Half-Moon Bay and the area around there, which was great for me, since it's one of my favorite places in the Bay Area. Shame it was slightly marred by the appearance of an old man with dred locks in a thin white robe jumping like a dog in the waves....there was nothing under the robe so it didn't leave much to the imagination. Haha! Oh well. It was really nice to have a little vacation...even though the weekend before that I had the chance to go down to Carmel with my parents to visit with our friends Mike and Tracy at their house. It's been hard getting back into the swing of things, but eh, I'll manage.

So I was bored today after running a bunch of errands, and drew that picture in a few hours with some charcoal and on some craft paper. The imagery is a little strange, I know, but it goes with a song that I've had stuck in my head for months, called "The Crane Wife" by the Decemberists. I actually have it here on my blog, so if you want to listen to it, just scroll to it on my music player to the left, it should be there. But basically it's about a Japanese folk-tale where a man rescues a crane and fixes it's injured wing, and releases it. Later, a woman comes to the man's door, and they fall in love and get married. To make money the woman weaves beautiful fabric, but she makes the man promise that he must never watch her weave. He becomes greedy and wishes to see how she does it, and upon spying on her, the man watches the woman turn back into the crane and fly away. It's a sad story/song, but I love it just the same. So basically, my picture started out as a doodle and turned into this which is what was on my mind so yeah. I ramble.

Happy December!

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