Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I know you are all dying to see what I do in my spare time...along with all of my homework. It's kind of understandable. I live an exciting life in San Francisco, after all!

Well, sadly I've found I am incredibly broke with this whole lack of a real job thing--I'm doing that ChaCha thing on the side but it's not great money. So here are some photo examples of what I like to do and that are completely free. (well, maybe not completely at times)

1.) Have awkward Skype chats with Anna and Elliot!
2.) ...draw myself?
3.) Do laundry with Jenni!
4.) Go get shakes at Lori's diner....not so much with those creeper eyes but shakes make everything better! (the eyes are a result of being sick and not enough sleep because of it)...yikes!
5.) Peruse the stores and never buy anything due to the lack of money
6.) Help Carina with her photo storyboarding class. The last picture is of me and Jenni duking it out with laser guns and lightsabers, but don't worry, I get myself out of that sticky situation eventually.


Natalie Bernhisel-Robinson said...

Sarah you are one crazy SOB! Love ya and can't wait to see you in December. I have a wedding at the end of December that I'll need your help with. $$$

Sarahjane said...