Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hanging in there

Hey everyone! I know you'll all be excited about this news: I have some more animations to show you! They're pretty iffy-quality animation in the fact I was learning how to do both a lip sync and a quadruped walk cycle, which I had never done before. The lip sync is alright, but eh. And the walk cycle I figured out more as I was progressing it forward, so the beginning struggles a bit. haha.

But yeah! That's the puppet I'm using for my final project in my experimental animation. Only for the final he'll have a monocle, top hat, and bowtie.

I figure there ought to be some more pictures of what I have been up to lately: I've been trying to remember to bring my camera everywhere! But I'm doing well, I'm really excited to see my parents who are coming to visit tomorrow (Thursday)! Seriously I can't wait to mooch of of them and take me to all the fun places I can't afford to go to otherwise! haha.

I saw the new James Bond movie: and I liked it--just not as a Bond movie. I wanted more gadgets, cars, and things that which make a Bond movie. It was pretty good though: it's worth checking out for sure. I love Daniel Craig so much, haha! He's reason enough to see it. But I saw it with my friends Carina, Jenni, and Jenni's friend from high school Dierdra. It was a really fun night, except for that I've been really sick lately and felt miserable after the movie. Also of course I ruin the picture with my face since Jenni took so many pictures which all were bad of Dierdra and Carina so I didn't smile in this one, and of course it's the one where both look cute and I look ...yeah. Not cute.

I also have a bad quality picture of my recent project that I did in my Analysis of Form class: another B! Which is really good, considering I did it pretty much the day before. I didn't sleep much that night, and still have the charcoal embedded in my nose and lungs. Neverrrrr again, it was awful.

I've found this fabulous Mexican restaurant that I want to eat at pretty much every moment. And it's cheap which is the best part. I got this huge Barbacoa/Chipotle sized burrito there for about $4.50. Awesome! When you all come to visit me, we're all going there in turn. I'm hoping I get to go there tomorrow when my parents get in....hahaha. I think all I think about is food because of the awful food here in my meal plan. Sometime's you'll be surprised and will get something really great, like when they have make your own burritos or ravioli or something simple: other times they go all out and it looks like puke and you don't want to eat another quesadilla for the rest of your life and it's a problem since you're poorer than that wino on the corner.

You see my predicament.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I know you are all dying to see what I do in my spare time...along with all of my homework. It's kind of understandable. I live an exciting life in San Francisco, after all!

Well, sadly I've found I am incredibly broke with this whole lack of a real job thing--I'm doing that ChaCha thing on the side but it's not great money. So here are some photo examples of what I like to do and that are completely free. (well, maybe not completely at times)

1.) Have awkward Skype chats with Anna and Elliot!
2.) ...draw myself?
3.) Do laundry with Jenni!
4.) Go get shakes at Lori's diner....not so much with those creeper eyes but shakes make everything better! (the eyes are a result of being sick and not enough sleep because of it)...yikes!
5.) Peruse the stores and never buy anything due to the lack of money
6.) Help Carina with her photo storyboarding class. The last picture is of me and Jenni duking it out with laser guns and lightsabers, but don't worry, I get myself out of that sticky situation eventually.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm really proud to say that I voted in this election. It's perhaps one of the most important elections in our nation's history, a huge landmark. Countries across the world see this election and the impact it will have on history forever, and we all wait to see what the outcome is.

As many of you know, I'm a liberal Mormon, and I don't find it impossible to be both. While my religion is important to me, I'm not going to let my religious beliefs get in the way of my political ones, or let my political beliefs get in the way of my religious ones. I believe that I can have both.

I'm proud to say that I voted for Barack Obama, however I'm even more proud to be a part of history, regardless of who wins.

I hope you all went out to vote, regardless of who you voted for!


We just made history!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008!

Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, I certainly enjoyed the fact Halloween was on a weekend this year.

My first Halloween here in San Francisco was so much fun. It was absolutely crazy (don't worry--not too crazy). I went as Sherlock Holmes, though sadly my costume didn't work quite as well as I had hoped since it was really windy and my hat kept blowing off. So there's only one picture of me with it on, but I guess that's alright.

Our night consisted of going down to Chipotle and getting a free burrito! The deal was that if you dressed up like a burrito (i.e., wearing a piece of tin foil) you would get a free one. So myself, Chelsea, Claire, Carina, and Jenni all went down to claim our free burrito: it happened to be my second one for the day, but that's alright because we all know I could eat there or Barbacoa every single day. We also met up with some of Carina's friends from Palo Alto, and went to a free event over at AT&T stadium. That was fun, though there were lots of crazies about: including my best friend the hobo with a beaver tail for hair, as well as a man dressed as a giant phallus. Nice.

This weekend I went down to Palo Alto to visit my friend Carina's home: that was really fun. It was so nice to have a mom take care of me and give me a home cooked meal! That's where I'll be going for Thanksgiving, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Today I also got to see some familiar faces: My friends Ty and Emily from high school were in the city: Ty goes to another art school here in the area, and Emily goes to the U and came to visit for Halloween, so it was really fun to see them. I'm serious guys, if you are in the area, give me a call and I would LOVE to meet up.

That's all for me!