Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pixelation Animation

Here it is! Last Saturday my friends AJ, Alex, Andrea, Ben and I all headed north to Crissy Field so that we could shoot this animation--which took about six hours of taking each picture frame by frame. Pixelation refers to the animation of the human body in order to create effects that just aren't possible with live action.

A note about the video: there is sound, so if you'd like to hear it, turn my background music off by going to the left of this page and scrolling down, clicking pause on the little green circle music player things that I have.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

neat updates

SO my day was fantastic today. I got to go up north and see Crissy Field in order to shoot our latest animation project--human pixelation, which means you're basically animating the human body frame by frame. It's going to be amazing, and I can't wait to show it to you guys--it's currently being edited by some of the guys in my group, so it'll be fantastic. I was working with an incredible group who all love what they are doing, and it was a really fun experience, getting to act as well as direct and contribute ideas.

It was absolutely beautiful today--despite it being freezing cold and windy the whole time. The fog kept coming in and out, so I was lucky enough to get the above picture when the lighting was just right.

OH and I got a B on my drapery assignment! This is very good, and I'm really proud of it. The grade I'm hoping for in our next project is an A- or so---part of our grade is actually improving our work from each assignment, and I'm totally prepared to work on this assignment for MUCH longer this time in order to get the grade that I would like.

I am so excited for Halloween! I don't exactly KNOW what I am doing for Halloween, but I've heard some mentions of things going on, so we'll see how it turns out. But I'm being a girl Sherlock Holmes--and my costume is fabulous. My favorite part is the vintage tweed deerstalker cap that I bought on eBay. Can't wait to show it off.

Anyway, short update on school--and I guess I'm off to bed: I've seriously been running around all day, and am dead tired. Love you all!

Friday, October 17, 2008

actual post---not videos!

For those of you wondering what I am doing in some of my other classes BESIDES my experimental animation class--here's my first completed homework assignment I had to do for my Analysis of Form class. The kind of crappy quality is because I took it with my phone--since I was lazy and didn't want to hook my digital camera up to my computer.

Anyway, done in charcoal--it's about 18x24 inches.

This was our midterm project---so let's hope I get a good grade on it! It took forever, and I'm happy with how it looks, all in all.

I'm continuing to love living here in the city--besides the fact I have no time for a job--and thus, no money. I have NO disposable income as of right now, which is not a fun experience at all. I've spent a good $100 on just getting film developed, another couple hundred on books and other supplies, and couple that with living in a place where every store you could IMAGINE is right down the street--it becomes a little hard to save money. Not to mention my frequent cravings for burritos at Chipotle.

So I'm missing my family greatly, especially when I was my youngest nephew Felix's photos from a professional photographer. I just wanted to hold him and cuddle him all day long.

SO family and friends who read this, come visit.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

some stupid videos you should enjoy

I love wasting my time looking at dumb and hilarious videos on Youtube--It's a favorite activity of mine! Here are some of my recent favorites.

My best friend Anna showed me this a couple days ago--I love this song, though I might just love this version more.

Hahaha this made me laugh so hard. I love lolcats.

My friend Parker told me that he had watched Troll 2 with some of his friends, and as I had never heard of it, he showed me a montage of the film. It was awful, but this scene is so bad---it's good? Worst line delivery of all time, though.

I could watch this over and over and over and over. It makes me laugh harder each time I watch it, actually.

Hahahaha this one kills me.

That's enough for now--as for updates in my life:

School is going well! I'm still super busy--not much has changed there. I make sure I still have lots of time for dumb Youtube videos, though! I have set up my schedule for next semester and oh man--I'm going to be even more busy, with 15 credit hours rather than just 12, like I have now. I'll be fine, though. I am able to keep myself sane after long days of class by watching Heroes on Mondays, and Project Runway on Wednesdays. Carina, Chelsea, and I are also watching the original Star Wars trilogy because Chelsea has never seen them before. I guess she has lived on an island her whole life, but still--never seeing Star Wars?!

Oh, and a couple people have been wondering my address while here--if you'd like to know it, send me an email at sjbernhisel@gmail.com and I'd love to give it to you. I like getting mail. (:

Alright, I'm off to work on some of my homework. About time.

Monday, October 6, 2008

hurrrr it is. No racial innuendos for those of you worried.

My completed paper cut out animation.

It gets kind of choppy at the end but I'm okay with that!

I love school.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

because I love staying up late

Other character in my Rapunzel animation: I need to print and build him, and then I can start animating. Excitinggggggg.

It's late.