Friday, September 12, 2008


I thought I'd put up a better picture of the people I've been hanging out with all this time I've been here--from left to right it's Claire; who is a fashion major, Chelsea; who is also a fashion major, me Carina; who is a motion picture technology major; and Jenni who is an illustration major. As you can see, we're pretty cute. Claire and Chelsea are the girls I met that one night at that crazy bonfire, and Carina is Chelsea's roommate while Jenni is Claire's.

Last night it was Carina's 19th birthday, so we all hopped onto the bus (muni is my new best friend--I need to get a pass with how much I use it) to Fisherman's Wharf and went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. It felt like I was 10 or so--I used to be OBSESSED with that restaurant. It was really fun, though we didn't get to look around the Wharf very much. I'll have to head down there sometime in the day when it's not so cold and look at the seals and eat some crab and whatnot. Of course I want to do all of these fun things but I'm poor and don't have a job yet (I want to kind of settle into my rutine a little bit more) so I'll wait for my family to come and visit me so I don't have to buy this all myself. Yes, family who is planning on visiting me, I am using you and your resources. (:

I'm kidding of course (kind of), and actually cannot WAIT to see all of my family. The semester is already started, and with only 15 weeks of class, it goes by really fast--it seems like I haven't been here long, when in fact I've been here for quite a bit of time. Since I'm not coming home for Thanksgiving, I won't get to see everyone until December (my last final should be on December 19th). However, Carina has already invited me to come spend Thanksgiving with her since she lives about 45 minutes away, so that should be really fun.

Alright, I love you all and I'll update soon--my internet is down at my dorm so I haven't been connected as much as I would like to be. Currently in order to get internet, I have to sit at the end of my hall outside of my room in order to be connected to a neighbor's wi-fi since the bandwidth for The Commodore is used up every day by people and their XBOX live. It's pretty obnoxious. So my butt is numb from sitting on the ground--but eh, whatever it takes.

I'd like to say congratulations to Eden and Robert Cowart on their little girl! I'm so excited for them.

Speaking of babies, I miss Carter and Felix a little too much.

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Nat, Matt & Felix Robinson said...

Cuters!! We miss you too Sarah!! I can't believe I won't see you until December :( Sounds like you are adjusting nicely, & glad you have made some cute friends. Felix would love to snuggle with you. We put him in the baby bathtub sitting up by himself and he spazed and splashed like a maniac!