Thursday, September 25, 2008

More "homework".

This is my homework for my stop animation class: design a paper cut out character for a 30 second animation--mine is a rendition of Rapunzel. Each of the little joints is a separate piece of paper stuck together: or will be eventually. I drew all of the pieces to fit together on photoshop, and this is them all put together. The actual sheet just looks like a ton of random things on a page. And the page for the expressions is just full of faces with blinking eyes and moving eyes and such things. And I have another page just for the huge masses of hair she has.

The other character I have is a knight, but I haven't started on him yet---that'll probably be started tomorrow.


Nat, Matt & Felix Robinson said...

Why is she so worried?

Sarahjane said...

Haha, her face'll change. Basically the knight falls down--hence the slightly worried look.