Sunday, September 7, 2008

kind of homesick

Well, I've been here for a bit over a week--and I'm adjusting nicely. I've figured out the names of the streets, gotten to class on time, and have made my dorm my home. I've gotten used to riding Muni, the meal plan, and not having my mom right there to take care of everything for me. I've made some good friends, smelled more pot wafting from every open door way than I have ever smelled in my entire life (even more than at a Jack Johnson concert), gone to a new ward, and have walked more places in these last couple of days than I probably had all summer.

Since being here, I have learned kind of how ridiculous it is to drive everywhere back home, and to depend on everyone else to give me rides to whatever else. I think I've gotten the hang of public transportation, and walking a mile or so REALLY isn't going to kill me.

I asked my mom before I left if she was worried about me--she said, "Not so much right now--but the moment we drive off--that's when I'll be worried. You're not as ready as you think you are," which is absolutely true. I had no idea what to expect when I first came here. I didn't quite realize what living on your own was going to be like--but I was so excited. And of course, I still am excited about the coming months, but I'm really missing my family, more than anything. A kid I met in my Analysis of Form class happened to be a new convert to the LDS church, so we decided to go to church together, along with another girl who I had found on Facebook. He bore his testimony in sacrament meeting, and was invited later by one of the members of the bishopric to their house for dinner. I declined the invitation when Dylan said we could come too, since I knew I would be busy tomorrow and needed to pick up some job applications while it wasn't hectic down in Union Square. But I thought about how you don't really realize how much you miss your family when for so long you take for granted having such a massive family to always be with at almost any moment, especially something as simple as a Sunday dinner. Today is Allison's 22nd birthday, and two days ago it was Ashlie's 24th--so tonight everyone will be over at my mom's house to celebrate. Not that I feel left out or anything of that extent--but I miss that kind of unconditional love you can only get when you are with your family.

Again, I've met some really neat people who I really enjoy being with--but going to the meal plan cafe for Sunday dinner isn't QUITE the same for some reason. I'm going to go to dinner in a few with Claire, Chelsea, and Carina, so I'm off.

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