Saturday, August 16, 2008

sorry dudes.

Sorry those of you who read my blog, my entries as of late have been only about me being anxious and excited and slightly scared about school: and here's another one.

Everyone is leaving--I think this will be the hardest for me, this whole part of growing up and moving out. Jordan leaves for Boston in the morning, Elliot leaves on Monday, Tucker on Wednesday, and many others all throughout this whole week.

Makes me really sad just thinking about it. For as long as I have known these people they've ALWAYS been there for me, whether or not we're as close as we used to be. And now physical distance is separating all of us. My core group of friends are ALL going to different schools across the country, save Emilie, Rachel, Michael, and Harrison who are at the U. Never before this have I felt the reality of this? I mean, I've had friends and will have friends who leave on their missions for two years...but that's just one at a time, it seems. Now it's all of them, and all so far away. I know I'll make friends at AAU, but I don't think they'll be the same type of friends. I might be proven wrong, but I won't have an Anna to laugh with for almost an hour over "hurr i'm a durr", or Elliot to go out and buy stupid yet awesome things like his gigantic pogo stick, Tucker to relate something totally random to computers or physics, Mary to tell me about her latest story idea, etc..

I have ridiculously intelligent friends. Friends who were the state CHESS champion, for goodness sake, friends who get into elite schools with scholarships, friends who if you give a problem to them, they'll find a way to fix it in a way which I would've never thought of. It kind of stuns me, in a way. I guess I am equally talented in a different sense in that I can hold a pencil or a paintbrush fairly well, but I really think I am going to miss the friends who aren't as right brained as myself and as suredly as some of my future classmates will be. I can't wait to see who my friends become, hopefully I'll be able to brag about them more than I already do--because I really am so proud of them, and how hard they have all worked to get to where they want to be.

It kind of made me worried when I spoke to my friend Connor who attended AAU for an acting major, but decided to leave because he wanted a more well rounded education and wasn't getting any better of an education in his chosen field than he would get anywhere else. He also told me that a lot of the classes will seem a bit of a joke at first, but the farther you get in and the more kids realize they either want to be there or they do not, it becomes more enjoyable. But while I am so excited for these classes where honestly all I am learning about is art and illustration and animation and perspective and all sorts of things, I really wish I could just buckle down and take a biology class, or take French seriously or something to that end, even a calculus class (I may not be great at math but I am fascinated by it). But honestly, most of my generals have been waived by my AP test scores and in that sense I'm not going to have much of a challenge, there, I guess I could take a couple classes at the U during the summer, one of those six week programs or whatever, take something else that I am interested in, as well.

Well, we'll see. Countdown of 13 days continues.

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Nat, Matt & Felix Robinson said...

Maybe you could take nude yoga? Mom can order a DVD for you to take to school.