Saturday, August 23, 2008

of all the things i'll miss family the most

Haha, I put this (well, a slightly different and more quickly done sketch) on the back of Natalie's birthday card.

Why I will miss my family once in San Francisco is ALSO the same reason men will probably run for the hills once they get to know me a little better.


But honestly, one of the things that give me the most anxiety about leaving would have to be about missing my family. I'm going to miss my mom going off on a completely unrelated tangent about Kryon and the forces of the Universe and ancient advanced civilizations during normal conversation, my dad checking to see how sick/hurt I really am and deducing finally, "I've seen worse", laughing for hours with Natalie about "fart sniggle" or playing our favorite guessing games, watching all five of my nephews, especially Felix and Carter getting older, going to church with Heather and Jared whenever I'm tired of going without my entire family, enduring Ashlie's rants about how I shouldn't drink milk anymore ("Pustules! Pustuuuuuleeeeesssssss..."), and wondering what the heck the crap is that Allison has been listening to lately.

I'm also going to miss my animals rather a lot. I'm going to miss snuggling up to Moki at night, tackleing Aurora, and just petting Denali, since she's usually just so stiff now as she's getting older.

Ah, but who am I kidding. I'm going to miss my bed the most.

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Nat, Matt & Felix Robinson said...

I know you will miss me the most.