Sunday, August 3, 2008

August already?

You Are One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us - Fanfarlo

This blows my mind that it's already the beginning of August. This summer has been amazing already, and I'm not quite ready for it to be over. I've been to Newport Beach on my senior trip with some of my best friends--where we sat on the beach and played in the waves all day, went to Disneyland, walked to Albertson's rather a lot to get our vanilla bean frappuccino fix, danced on our wall, and snuggled in close quarters. I went to Bear Lake with my family where we hung out at the beach, layed out, played games, read, and took pictures pretending to be animals. And finally to Big Sky, Montana and Yellowstone National Park to hike to geysers and waterfalls, to fish, swim in the boiling river, play games, escape the termites, and look for wildlife. It kind of amazes me that already my last summer where I officially live at home is almost over. Part of me is incredibly excited to get out there--to be in San Francisco and to be creating art and learning about the stuff I truly care about. But the other part of me doesn't want to leave quite yet. I'm going to miss so much of my family's day to day life. It makes me really sad that since I'll be gone for such long periods of time, my two youngest nephews Carter and Felix probably won't recognize me anymore. I'll be really sad to be away from my best friends as they head all over the country to go to school. Anna's at the University of Oregon, Elliot at Utah State, Mary at Westminster, Rachel, Danny, Clara, and Anna Tingey at the University of Utah, Peter at the University of Chicago, Kevin at Seattle University, Jill at Puget Sound, Lindsay at Boston University, Jordan still at Brandeis, Tucker at Colorado State, Emily at BYU...It's going to be a crazy separation. I'm going to miss everyone so much. However, I am taking into account the fact I'll make plenty new friends--but they'll be a bit different. Hopefully not ALL of AAU's students are moody artists, fashion divas, weird drama nerds, or gay guys (I mean honestly...I want to date some guys..hahah). I guess we'll see. Maybe I could give ol' Scrappy a chance on the dating scene (couple of years ago my sister spotted a nude hobo sitting around on the streets of San Francsico--and dubbed him Scrappy).

Ashlie got back from Ecuador on the first, was in town for 20 hours, and was back on a plane to Mexico with Peter's family for their annual vacation. But while she was here we ate a ton of sushi, swam in the pool, and for dinner went to Costa Vida with everyone. There was this creepy guy in a chef's had with this huge scraggly beard and ugly patterned scrub pants, who was making balloon animals at the restaurant. It was rather strange--he would just kind of stand by our table and watch us or else stand reclusively in the corner. WEIRD.

So in today's news, I went up to Albian Basin with the Bernhisel side of the family to eat some breakfast and spread another part of my grandmother's ashes. She was an amazing skier and loved it up there, as well as always thinking the area beautiful in the summer, which it is. So that was really neat. After returning down to the valley, I had a family reunion with the Carling side of the family down at Liberty Park. It was fun seeing most of the cousins on that side, as well as meeting people I had never seen before.

Oh so this whole past week I've had strep throat...or some other kind of virus, not really sure. I'm on antibiotics so that took care of it for the most part, which is nice. But I still feel kind of gross. This is not relevant to anything.

I don't work for the rest of the week which is really nice, and then on Thursday I'm off to Bear Lake again with most of the Bernhisel family. I'm really excited. I'm also inviting my friend Rachel up--so that should also be super fun.

I need to charge my camera and upload my photos. I'm kind of a lazy person in this sense as I haven't done it in a couple weeks.

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Aaron Aaron Dur Dur Fiddy Cent Joseph Curtis said...

Hey you! Sarahjane! I'm glad you are still reading my blog and still care about me. It makes me happy inside! :D

Sounds like you've had a really fun summer! That's awesomely cool! Way to be totally rad, my friend :) I'll be honest. I'm a little bit jealous. Ha ha ha.