Friday, August 29, 2008


How weird is that?! My parents dropped me off this morning after driving fourteen hours to this city. I'm living in the Commodore dorm, which used to be an old hotel, but has been converted into living space. It is PRETTY neat. I have a minifridge which is probably the thing I am most excited about.

As well, my roommate is not here yet, so the anxiety as to who she is has not ended. I DO know however that her name is Yvonne. But that's about it. I've only met a few people today...I'm just really tired and haven't been feeling super good so my normally obnoxious extroverted personality hasn't picked up yet. I did however walk around town for a couple hours with a kid I met on facebook a while back named Paul...he's pretty cool. I'm actually meeting him for dinner in a few, which should be fun.

So I'm all moved in, and this whole thing is CRAZY. I can't believe I am here. It...hasn't quite set in yet? I was freaking out the most when I left Salt Lake and then again when my parents left me...but I've put up some things which remind me of home and my family and friends, so that's good and will keep me from being homesick. As well, thank goodness for Skype and MSN and AIM to keep me in contact with all my friends and family. Annnnd I've been texting all my friends like mad on my new iPhone, which is really neat and that I do recommend getting one if you have the means to.

This is so unreal that I'm actually here.