Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eh, I figure it's time.

I'd better update, since this journal is probably feeling left out compared to my LiveJournal, which is updated a lot, more just out of habit than anything. I've had my LJ for about five years, so I get to look back at all my sweet memories from Junior High and High school. It's pretty neat.

So it's sweltering out here by my pool (I basically live out here--I have been borrowing my neighbor's internet and my backyard has the best connection) and I am considering going for a swim. Or at least laying out and getting more tan, since hey, I might as well soak it up before I'm permanently wearing jeans and sweatshirts while in San Francisco and only see the sun from underneath lots of fog.

OH you know what is ridiculously entertaining? Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. My brother in law Matt went to school with Neil Patrick Harris who stars in this, which just seems strange? But anyway, it's a musical about a guy trying to become a villain while also winning the heart of a girl he has been seeing at his laundromat. Each or the three 15 minute acts (or episodes) were online for about a week, and was taken down last Sunday and is only available for purchase on iTunes right now. I loved the series so much I bought it, and can't seem to get the songs out of my head.


Nat & Matt Robinson said...

That show looks kinda creepy. Is it really that funny?

Sarahjane said...

Oh my gosh, yes.