Sunday, June 15, 2008

HOLY crap. I just graduated.

I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry

I mean I knew I had...but it just kind of sank in. I never have to go back to Highland ever again. It's kind of bittersweet: I am so excited I never have to deal with the pettiness of high school politics, stupid administrators, and never have to sit through classes AFTER the main exams have been given. However, I wonder just how many of my friends in high school I will never see again. How I won't get to have almost daily conversations with Doug Jorgenson, and going to lunch with Mary nearly every day. I'll miss passing notes with Danny, decorating for Spirit Week, and the unending "Beltone"'s from Pat. I'll miss B.O.N.D., and Oppression Awareness Week, green "I love my administrators" sweats, and just laughing with my best friends.

I've had a really good high school experience. Great, even. From just entering as Allison's little sister to becoming my own person--learning how to dress myself decently and wear makeup, to making even more friends, kissing boys, and learning just how to use a wheelchair, cane, and crutches properly. From first picking up a lacrosse stick, and playing in my first golf tournament. I was an intern for the Inclusion Center, presidents of three clubs, went on a humanitarian trip to India, I was an academic all-state athlete, Sterling Scholar, and overall student of the month. I mean...when I think about it...I accomplished a lot in these four years. It kind of gives me hope as to what I might be able to do in the coming years of my life.

I don't know what is going to happen. I really don't. I'm praying I'll still have the same core group of friends in coming years when I am able to come home from school, I'm hoping that this summer something exciting and new and good happens, I'm hoping that I might stop being so skittish with my emotions, I hope that I'll be able to travel to Europe with Anna and Rachel one day, and I hope desperately that I stay happy.

SO Newport was amazing--I basically just got to frolic on an amazing beach all day with some of my best friends.

BUT THE HIGHLIGHT WAS DISNEYLAND UGHHHH It was just the girls (all six of us) and it was so much fun. It was like running around like little kids--especially Rachel. She made it a billion times better! OH and I got to play on a couple of rides with my nephews because they were in Newport and Disneyland on the same days, so that was super neat. OH So I guess Jared convinced little Heber to go on Space Mountain at the beginning of the day: and he sobbed the whole ride. Poor kid! I can imagine it being scary: you're in pitch blackness with swirly white dots everywhere and hurtling along! But oh man. He didn't go on any more big rides for the rest of the day, I guess.

It is sad in the morning not waking up next to Anna on our twin size trundle-bed, or Nate jumping on me or Rachel and yelling "MOOSE!" at the top of his lungs. Though: I'm not going to miss the farting of those boys! But we all had so much fun together. I finally got to meet Tucker's girlfriend Julie whom I ADORE because she's super cute and funny and someone who I would naturally be drawn to as a friend. But yeah--I loved getting to know the twins better--Sophie and Rachel just made me crack up the whole time. Neatooo. And it was neat: I think Tucker might be getting over his awkwardness with me, now that he knows I'm not going to be jealous or go crazy on him and Julie? I don't know, but he was acting fairly normal towards me after the first couple of days. So that was neat. Who knows if that will actually stay but now that I have met Julie and we both rather like each other he's not going to be like, "UGH DRAMA IF YOU MEET!" So....we'll see!

But I loved frolicking with Anna and Rachel (there were two Rachel's on the trip...if this is not making sense. One is a twin and the other is MY basically in every way twin) which was definitely the best part.

So enough of my rambling. All you need to know is that the house we were in was ten seconds from the beach, and that I'm now a bronzed beauty. Though not like Rachel...our resident Mexican.