Sunday, May 18, 2008


what I am listening to:

I've decided I'll start posting what I've been listening to. Neat!

So last night was incredibly fun...albeit random. I went to west's Senior Ball last night kind of last moment...the kid I went with had his date flake out on him and he still wanted to go, so I was the backup date. He was super nice and fun to be around. My group was awesome too, seeing as it had Lindsay, Anna, Peter, Emilie, and Jordan all in it. So that was pretty fantastic at that.

But it was seriously so much fun--Pete (my date) was awesome, and we decided that we need to hang out sometime. He and Peter were so funny together at the dance and at dinner. So we also decided that Jordan is especially good at saying strange things right when people start paying attention to the conversation.

We went to Sawadee for some Thai food, and it was really good. I got some tofu larb and curry puffs which were delicious...though neither of those names sound super appetizing. I'm not a fan of leftover Asian food of any kind for some reason, so I let Jordan take my leftovers--and he texted me that it was delicious. So I'm glad it didn't go to waste.

We then headed to Spoon Me for dessert, which was delicious of course, and then we headed to the Capitol for the dance. It was pretty funny--since our Junior Prom was at the capitol and I was wearing the same dress and everything. Only this one was much more fun since people actually DANCE at West dances and we didn't spend the whole time waiting in line for pictures. After the dance we then headed over to Anna's and we watched Across the Universe and that was lovely. I want to live in a musical with a hot British man at the lead singing for my heart, you see.

So I'm outside right now, and our neighbors to the south are having a party. And it is LOVELY weather and I love itttt with the pool being open--although gross looking. Moki likes to sit on the top step since there is no water there and drink from it's leaf covered depths.


Nat & Matt Robinson said...

Is that pool picture backwards? It looks strange. You and your date look so adorable...the night would have been perfecto with a simple flower on his tux. Oh well.

Sarahjane said...

Haha, yeah, it's backwards...the camera on my computer is a reflection image.

But oh well on the boutineer--though it would have made the night so much better.