Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie!

Cath... - Death Cab For Cutie

As I'm sure many of you know, Death Cab for Cutie is my favorite band in all of the land. And I'm a poet and didn't even know it. But this is beside the point. Anna, Kevin, and I all headed over to Thanksgiving Point to their concert! We waited in line for hours due to some technical difficulties, but when we finally got in, I snuck in and out of the crowd to snag ourselves a great spot.

But my goodness, it was so much fun. I'm way glad that I got to go, because originally I wasn't going to, but Anna called me and asked me if I was interested. Which of course I was--I was just down in St. George and wasn't sure I could make it up there in time. But luckily I was able to! It was my third DCFC concert, and I lovedddd it. I don't care what people say: I shall marry someone in that band. (:

Monday, May 19, 2008


What was the first car you ever rode in?
My parents? I have no idea.

What is the first song you remember hearing?

What was your first favorite song?
"Just Can't Wait to Be King" I would sing it for HOURRRRRS

What was your first favorite band?

What was your first pets'/pet's name?

When was the first time you had to go to the hospital? idea.

Where did you go on your first vacation?
No idea. Bear Lake?

Who was your first best friend?

Who was the first person you fell in love with?

Who was the first person to break your heart?

At what restaurant did you last eat?
um. uhhhhhh. Sawadee.

What was the last thing that bit you?

What was the last popup you got?
i don't get popups.

What kind of drink was your last ice cube in?

What was the last green-colored article of clothing you wore?

How much money did you get on your last paycheck?
around 100 or something.

What flavor was the last ice cream you had?

What was the last TV show you watched?

What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

What was the last animal you pet?
I have NO idea. one of the many.

What was the last appliance you used?

What was the last thing you most regret doing?

What was the last strangely colored food you had? What color was it?
.......I generally try to avoid strangely colored food.

What is your favorite brand of popcorn?

What is your favorite kind of shoe?

What is your favorite shape? Why?

What is your favorite part about the opposite sex? Why?
Cuddling. For sure.

What is your favorite artificial flavor?

What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Taco Bell. even though that NEVER happens.


What is your favorite department store? Why?

What is your favorite city?
I do love it here in Salt Lake. A lot. But I seriously am in love with San Francsico.


What is your favorite television show?
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Heroes, Mythbusters, Friends, Desperate Housewives....yeah

Does anything explode in aforementioned television show?
Probably at one time or another.

But it happens in Avatar and Heroes and Mythbusters a LOT

What is your favorite flavor of cupcake frosting?

If you wear them, what color are your glasses?
no. But I seriously need some.

What is your favorite Jelly bean flavor?

Who was the last person you yelled at unnecessarily?
uhhhh no idea

Have you ever been a vegetarian? Are you now?
hahaha, yes to both

What is your favorite computer game?
haven't played too many computer games. BUT since you play KoL ON the computer then we'll say that....even if it is online.

What is one of the songs you are ashamed of listening to?
no shameeee like now. I'm listening to an Indian Folk Song about how all the Gods are the same god....hahaha. And yayyyyyy SITAR SOLO.

What is the strangest article of clothing you own?
my "If you think I did drugs to be this cool, THINK AGAIN." shirt. Only it's too big. ):

What is the most obscure and random object you've ever injured yourself on?

Are mean people hot?

What was the last flavor of muffin you had?
oh i have no idea.

Do you like Ugg Boots?
Ew they are hideous.

Do you own any designer purses? If not, do you want one?
nah. I don't care enough to shell out that much cash.

Are you adventurous or cowardly?

Do you think you're a mean person?
I can be!

What would your personal Heaven be like?

What would your personal Hell be like?
filled with conversations with Kate and Josh and I would DIE. AGAIN.

Who had/has a crush on you? Is that disturbing or what?
ksdjlhfklasdfsdkjfhaksdlfkjasd don't talk about it

Do you chew your ice cubes?

Is it fun to position gummy bears in provacative ways?

I just eat them?

What was the last thing you hit with a hammer?
birdhouse when I was helping my sister with a scout activity.

Have you ever owned a rodent?

Have you ever intentionally gotten yourself fired from your job?
haha no.

How many times have you been suspended/expelled from school? Why?

What was the stupidest thing you ever got in trouble for?
my sarcasm.

What time will it be in seventeen minutes?
11:36 pm

What magazines do you have subscriptions to?
uh no idea.

What are you thinking about?
Just....about things.

Whoever wants to do it!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


what I am listening to:

I've decided I'll start posting what I've been listening to. Neat!

So last night was incredibly fun...albeit random. I went to west's Senior Ball last night kind of last moment...the kid I went with had his date flake out on him and he still wanted to go, so I was the backup date. He was super nice and fun to be around. My group was awesome too, seeing as it had Lindsay, Anna, Peter, Emilie, and Jordan all in it. So that was pretty fantastic at that.

But it was seriously so much fun--Pete (my date) was awesome, and we decided that we need to hang out sometime. He and Peter were so funny together at the dance and at dinner. So we also decided that Jordan is especially good at saying strange things right when people start paying attention to the conversation.

We went to Sawadee for some Thai food, and it was really good. I got some tofu larb and curry puffs which were delicious...though neither of those names sound super appetizing. I'm not a fan of leftover Asian food of any kind for some reason, so I let Jordan take my leftovers--and he texted me that it was delicious. So I'm glad it didn't go to waste.

We then headed to Spoon Me for dessert, which was delicious of course, and then we headed to the Capitol for the dance. It was pretty funny--since our Junior Prom was at the capitol and I was wearing the same dress and everything. Only this one was much more fun since people actually DANCE at West dances and we didn't spend the whole time waiting in line for pictures. After the dance we then headed over to Anna's and we watched Across the Universe and that was lovely. I want to live in a musical with a hot British man at the lead singing for my heart, you see.

So I'm outside right now, and our neighbors to the south are having a party. And it is LOVELY weather and I love itttt with the pool being open--although gross looking. Moki likes to sit on the top step since there is no water there and drink from it's leaf covered depths.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Please watch, and enjoy this little jem of a rap video.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

rock the lot!

So last night my school put on a charity concert for an orphanage in Afghanistan, and it was incredibly fun. It was basically a social meetup of everyone from West, Highland, and East, while listening to some bands from our schools. The two best acts were from some of my good friends: The Won Twenties from East and Three Ways From Thursday from Highland. Elliot, one of my best friends is in Three Ways From Thursday--and they are SO good, only they didn't play any of their original stuff! I was pretty bummed about that, because their stuff really is great. My good friend Max was in The Won Twenties, as well as my friend Alec who I met with all my best friends back in 8th grade.

All in all, it was so much fun, a good beginning of the end of my senior year, and a fun break before all my AP tests these coming weeks. I'm going to be busting my butt to get all my AP Art done...I don't know how I'm going to manage this.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

college anxiety

So I'm fairly sure I injured my back again rather badly. Not exactly sure HOW but I have definitely taken to wearing my brace when I sleep and usually when I'm just lounging...which is hard because it is so uncomfortable I can't even stand it.

So in addition to my back injury, my insomnia hasn't gotten any better--which leaves me exhausted in the morning and I really feel like I'm falling apart at the seams, especially since I have all of my graduation and AP stuff to worry about---though that's probably small stuff compared to college.

Speaking of college, I was kind of freaking out about it, earlier. I was nervous when I found out that I'll be moving into the dorms on my birthday. How strange is that? My first day as a legal adult--there I'll be. Off in San Francisco and moving into my new living arrangement. It seems so strange to me. Part of me has been ready for this next step in my life since 10th grade--but part of me still feels so young, like wow--am I actually ready to do this?

I've always been fairly independent (not as much as say, my sister Ashlie who was taking the bus downtown to go shopping when she was 12 by herself), but this seems so foreign. I know I'll have my family there to help me through moving in (which definitely seems the scariest part) as well as a good friend there who can help me to adjust to my new life. I'm incredibly excited for the education--I wonder where it will take me.

So I know it will be completely bittersweet. I'll be on my way to completing my dream of becoming an animator--but leaving home seems strange. I'll get by, though. I know I can.