Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have pointless updates.

So I need to stop forgetting I have this journal.

So um.

Ben Gibbard is the most amazing musician may I say ever? I'm like--peeing my pants in anticipation for the new DCFC album. I cannot WAIT. AND holla concert. I shall be attending with Anna and Michael and Max and perhaps Rachel ohhh it will be a beautiful thing. Hi third time seeing them.

I love concerts. I went to the U's Grand Kerfuffle or whatever it's called last night since Michael's sister bought some extra ones and yay for $5 tickets. We missed Augustana but we saw the tail end of Hellogoodbye which was fine since I've seen them before. And then Shiny Toy Guns which was rather neato. Yayayay concerts.

So SPEAKING of Bens I got asked to Junior Prom by my favorite Ben who goes to my school. SO EXCITED because he's AMAZING. I kind of figured it out (lol duh) because my friend McKalee was like, "OH I HEARD YOU ARE GOING WITH BENNN!" and I was like.."UH YEAHHH?!" so that surprise was ruined a bit. Haha. But yeah. I came hom
e tonight after hanging out at Lisa's with Elliot, Lauren, Kate, Marshall, and Sutton, and find my mailbox and the ground below it stuffed with cornflakes, ears of corn, corn nuts, and gummy peach-O candy. The note inside read "I might be a bit of a flake, and I know this seems corny, but if you say "yes" it'll make me so ho---I mean PEACHY. Love your super hot special amazing stalker best friend, AKA, Ben D."

Oh I peed. And I couldn't believe that my friend Josh helped Ben because that is WAY too dirty for such an innocent boy.

OH and other news thank goodness news got around that Ben was asking me because I guess another kid whom I really do not like was wanting to ask me. SAVED FROM A NIGHT OF MISERY.

And might I add that I cannot wait to wear my new super cute dress from Ann Taylor. I bought it the other night since I was planning on asking to West's Senior Ball, and needed a dress anyway. SO SWEET DEAL. I have one dress for both occasions. Excellent.

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Nat & Matt Robinson said...

Awesome dress Sarah, you'll look so cute. I'm glad that you got asked to Highlands will be a fun memory! Love ya!