Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Oh goodness, I'm getting so excited for tomorrow's festivities! I mean, technically right now I'm being the insomniac that I am and staying up late, so it's technically Christmas for me already: but nope, it won't be Christmas until tomorrow morning, really! I can't wait to give out my gifts: I had so much fun buying them all.

Today me and my best friend Anna went on an early morning adventure to deliver our presents to all of our friends, which turned out to be quite hilarious. First we headed over to Elliot's house to deliver a CD I had bought him which he wanted.

Upon arriving, we were of course met by Elliot's two dogs: little Maggie (well, she's not really little...but in comparison..) and GIGANTIC Achilles, the black Great Dane. He's huge. Elliot's mom, Lori, was telling us how people stop while she's walking him and ask if they can get their pi
cture with him, he's that big. He's super cute, though. Anyway, we got invited into Elliot's house while Dave, Elliot's dad, went to fetch 'Elli-Jelli-Belli-Boo' (please call him that, if you see him ever) who was just about to get into the shower and was super disoriented when we got there. But he loved his gift, and Anna's promise to make him some baked goods since she was unable to go to his party last Friday.

Upon leaving Elli
ot's we headed over to Kevin's, bearing the fleece blanket we had tied for him the night previous: one side of turquoise with brown patterns on it, and the other a chocolate brown. We rang to doorbell, and appears Kevin, with sleep-hair worthy of my own father, and looking completely disoriented. Then I shoved his blanket into his arms, and watched a look of confusion fade into realization when he touched the blanket, and then he instantly held it up in his arms and snuggled. It was hilarious...I wish SO badly I would have brought my camera. After warning him about the little bit of dog hair that might be on it (since he's fairly allergic), we departed, and left to go to Tucker's.

Upon arriving at Tucker's house, Tucker's older sister Emily answered the door (mind's around 10:30 at this time, now) and invited us in. She informed us that Tucker was still asleep, but we could go wake him up, if we wanted. So, we did. We walked into his room and saw Tucker sleeping, bare-chested under his blankets, when Anna turned to me saying "Dear God: I hope he's wearing pants," which of course made me crack up. So we stepped farther in, and I whispered "Tuckerrrrr!" until he woke up. He saw us, grumbled, then rolled over. Haha! But then I think he woke up more fully, turned back to us, and then I shoved the blanket (same kin
d as Kevin's, only Tucker's was a red pattern on the front and white on the back) into his arms. He too, like Kevin, went through stages. First it was fear, having an unknown foreign object thrust into his face suddenly, then it went into a confusion as he stroked the fleece, then a sudden grab/snuggle with the blanket. We felt we had bothered him enough (after he had indeed, informed us that he was wearing pants) so we left his room. So of course we ended up striking conversation with his parents, so we got invited to have some delicious cinnamon raisin bread. By that time Tucker had woken up, and we started talking about colleges, scholarships, and the like. So we stayed probably for a half an hour, until Anna needed to get going (she was having brunch with her family at noon). So we departed, and quickly dropped our gifts for Mary, which was quick because she wasn't home. We were going to trek over to the Avenues and downtown to give gifts to Rachel, Cellie, and Lindsay, but we just didn't have enough time. We'll get to it eventually, I suppose.

Well, I'm finally feeling tired, so I might actually go to bed now.

Merry Christmas!

(explanation of the pictures? the top one is of myself, Rachel, Nate, and Tucker. The bottom one is of me and Anna. Aren't we cute?)

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